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Welcome to Schinoussa …

The island of Schinoussa stands as an unrefined diamond in the heart of the Cyclades cluster and south to Naxos, some 120 nautical miles for the port of Piraeus. It covers an area of 9,5 square km and has a population of 220 permanent residents who occupied themselves mainly in agriculture, stock-breeding and in recent years with tourist industry.

Having preserved unspoiled its Cycladic identity and endowed with the beauties of a fertile nature-intact from the massive tourism-, a mild climate and a deep-rooted history, Schinoussa is an ideal alternative destination for those for whom the term “holidays” is synonymous to relaxation, absence of stress and the escape from the urban way of life.

Panoramic view of the Aegean Sea from Schinoussa
Green hills interspersed with wildflowers and herbs and covered by a sweet-fragrant air, unexplored trekking paths, olive groves and colorful orchards, dentelated beaches, tranquil coves and breath-taking sunsets compose the romantic and unique landscape of this small paradise.