Schinoussa accommodation

The island offers twenty five accommodation amenities with a capacity of 600 beds approximately. You will also find some 25 taverns, restaurants, coffee-bars and bars, 25 of which are located at the capital and the rest of them are scattered around the beaches and the Mesaria settlement.

There are also 4 mini markets, a bakery, 4 bars, 1 bar with Greek and sometimes live local music, 3 souvenir and folklore art shops, a post-office, a press-agency, 3 shipping agencies (2 in the capital and 1 in the Tsigouri beach ).

- There are 4 mini markets, a bakery, 4 bars, 1 club playing Greek music, 3 folk art / tourists shops, post office, press agency and 2 ticket agencies
- No bank branch is available, yet there is an Α.Τ.Μ. of the Piraeus Bank.
- There are no taxis, bus, or organized camping and the gas station is under construction.
- There is a Western Union, while the Hellenic Post (EL.TA) offers its services Courier (Speedex) and Porta-porta (Door-to-Door).
- There are 2 phone booths, one at the port and the other at the capital.
- There is a well-equipped health centre, 3 heliports (1 public and two private).
- Bike rental agencies.

In case you will have to leave unexpectedly for whichever reason, there is a speed boat that runs daily trips in 24hours basis.

About Schinoussa

Although small, there is plenty to see and do in Schinoussa. Check out the following information about holidays in Schinoussa island and contact us if you need further assistance.