Activities on Schinoussa

The “Aeolia” boat organizes in daily basis, the round of the island and also excursions to the beaches of Schinoussa and the neighbouring islets. There are also small boats –the so-called lantzes- who daily organize two or three trips from Iraklia and Koufonissi.

Comparatively with its neighboring islands, Schinoussa maybe does not offer the same plethora of options for wild nightlife, yet entertainment consists an indissoluble part of the locals’ daily life, who seize every opportunity to demonstrate their love towards life and their rich cultural heritage. The most popular events are the festivity of Panagia the Akathis in the 15th of August, the one of Mesaria in the 15th of March, of Agios Nektarios in the 9th of November and of Agios Nikolaos in the 6th of December. If you find yourself on the island during these dates you will be initiated to the traditional customs and dances and will enjoy the delicious local foods and wine for free.

About Schinoussa

Although small, there is plenty to see and do in Schinoussa. Check out the following information about holidays in Schinoussa island and contact us if you need further assistance.