Schinoussa beaches

Such a small island, so many wonderful beaches !

The island encompasses in its boundaries 18 fabulous beaches, most of them sandy and tree-shady, which promise moments of precious relaxation in a natural environment unspoiled by human interventions.

However, don’t rush to the conclusion that Schinoussa is a destination for romantics or nature-lovers only. If you enjoy outdoor activities, the island offers many choices for exploration, trekking in paths among amazing landscapes, and also for sea sports such as fishing, surfing, while if you enjoy diving the diverse underwater of Schinoussa will definitely impress you! Some of the beaches you could visit are:

Schinoussa beaches

With many fabulous beaches, most of them sandy, there are many options even for the most demanding visitor. So rest assured that, in Schinoussa, you will find what you are looking for [...]

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It is the nearest beach to the capital at a distance of just 450 m, (five minutes by foot). It is sandy (approximately 350m. long) with big tamarisks. It offers sun beds free of charge and a beach bar. Here you will find the Grispos Villas, while taverns, bars as well as a travel agency are also provided. The road is dirt track in good condition.


It is a sandy beach (approximately 230m. long) with tamarisk-shade, at a distance of 850 m., to the capital (ten minutes by foot). Accommodation, eating and drinking facilities are provided.


It is a sandy beach with splendid underwater, located at a distance of some 1700 m. to the capital , thirteen minutes by foot. It has no tree-shade and the access is rather difficult via a dirt track road.


A small beach (approximately 30m. long), surrounded by caves. It is situated 2,2 km to the capital, eighteen minutes by foot. It is accessible via a path of 60 m. and no tree-shade is available.


It is a small beach (approximately 40m. long), a mixture of sand and rocks, just 2,6 km away from the capital, twenty minutes by foot via a dirt track road. Its underwater is ideal for fishing.


It is a rather small sandy beach (approximately 50m. long) located 2,7 km away from the capital, thirteen minutes by foot. The beach offers tamarisk –shade and in the surrounding area you will find accommodation facilities and shops in case you wish to eat or drink something.


It is the natural continuation of the Lioliou beach, separated by it by a rocky shore (approximately 80m. long). The beach is located 2,8 km away from the capital , thirty-five minutes approximately by foot and does not provide tree-shade.


It is a long sandy beach with equally sandy bottom (approximately 350m. long), located 2 km from the capital, some 10 minutes by foot. It has tamarisk-shade and shallow waters and thus is ideal for families. The beach is separated in two by the few rocks that arise almost in the midst of it, while in its back part and at a distance of some 100m there is a Snack-bar.


A relatively small sandy beach (approximately 40m. long) withy a rocky shore, located some 1.5 km away from the capital, twelve minutes by foot. The road is a dirt track one. The beach has no trees or amenities of any kind.


It is a “private” beach (approximately 15m. long), for anyone who gets there first. It is has no tree-shade, yet it is ideal for underwater fishing. It is situated 3 km. away from the capital, some thirty-five minutes by foot. The beach is accessible via a dirt road that leads to a path.


It is an incredible and a rather small beach (approximately 60m. long) with tamarisk-shade. It is characterized by the thin sand that reaches up to the hill. It is located 2,8 km. to the capital, thirty-five minutes by foot and 450 m. from the Messaria settlement (five minutes by foot). Since the beach does not offer any kind of shops you should return to Messaria or to the capital if you wish to have something to eat or drink.


It is a small idyllic beach (approximately 30m. long) with azure waters, with some young tamarisk trees for shade and an impressive underwater. It is situated 3,1 km, from the capital, some forty minutes by foot. No shops are provided.


A small beach (just 15 m. in width) with sand and a rocky shore, embraced in the arms of a wonderful big cove. The underwater is ideal for fishing, while the surrounding landscape will enchant nature-lovers and those who enjoy trekking. The beach is located 3 km., away from the capital and thirty-five minutes by foot. The road is a dirt one which ends to a path. The beach has no trees or amenities of any kind.


It is a quaint, remote cove, with no shore, ideal for underwater fishing and trekking. In the old days the cove and the nearby Marousou Cave, were served as a shelter for pirates. Sifneiko is situated 2,2 km. away from the capital, twenty-five minutes by foot. The road is half-way asphalt, half-way dirt and ends to a path. The access becomes rather difficult at the last 800 m. The nearest shops are found in the Mersini harbour.


The beach (approximately 60m. long) is located at the back part of the harbor and it is used mainly by yacht-owners. The beach provides tamarisk –shade, yet it is nor so peaceful due to its proximity with the harbour and also because it is a passage for the locals. Yet, it is suitable if you wish to have a last bath before embarking. In the surrounding area there are shops that serve food and drink.


It is a quaint and remote beach (approximately 40m. long) located in the opposite to Schinoussa islet. It is sandy one with a wonderful underwater and nudist-friendly. The beach has no trees and it is accessible only by boat or by swimming.

There are other smaller beaches that we have not included in our description and we leave it to you to discover them, if you seek quietness and adventure.

About Schinoussa

Although small, there is plenty to see and do in Schinoussa. Check out the following information about holidays in Schinoussa island and contact us if you need further assistance.