Schinoussa Island life

Being an island with many faces, Schinoussa is transformed into a tranquil retreat during wintertime, into a blooming place in which one can feel the whole mystical rebirth of the nature during spring and in summer it becomes an ideal destination which harmonically combines both the carefree attitude and the natural beauties of the summer season with the provision of all the practical amenities that ensure a comfortable staying.

Bathed into sunlight and creating a harmonic contradiction with the deep blue of the sea, the two traditional settlements of Schinoussa, Panagia and Mesaria, will instantly captivate you with their white-washed houses of unembellished yet impressive Cycladic architecture. Take a stroll to their picturesque cobbled narrow streets and discover the friendly neighborhoods with the blooming courtyards, the idyllic squares, the orchards with the palm-trees that add an exotic flair to the unembellished charm of these settlements. The picture of Schinoussa is complemented by Mersini, the quaint harbour, which is particularly popular among yacht - owners as one of the safest and most attractive mooring spots.

Both in the settlements and the harbour you will find many entertainment options, while the open-hearted locals, famed for their hospitality and their inclination to music- will make you feel that you are members of a community, in which the simplicity, the contact with the fellowmen and things such as a spontaneous feast or a romantic walk under the moonlight consist true pleasures of life.

Schinoussa local wedding

About Schinoussa

Although small, there is plenty to see and do in Schinoussa. Check out the following information about holidays in Schinoussa island and contact us if you need further assistance.