Tsigouri beach

The most idyllic beach of Schinoussa

The long, sandy beach of Tsigouri is an ideal area to swim especially for families with young children as there is no road passing by the beach and it is, therefore, very safe for the children. Additionally, its shallow waters will allow you to spend many relaxing hours in the sea. The beach is located within just 450 metres from the island's capital going south and has a lovely view.

Access to the beach can be made on foot. Various seashore trees are scattered along the sandy beach forming a wonderful shadow that protects those lying below from the sun rays. The scenery is impressive as the beach has a lovely view of the islet of Venetiko and the island of Heraklia. Apart from swimming, beach walking is also a favourite activity.

Never miss a day's swim

Tsigouri beach is well protected from all winds and most importantly from the northern wind, which is the most common in the area. This is mainly due to its orientation and the topography of the bay.

No matter how much the winds howl in the Aegean Sea, you are sheltered at Tsigouri beach, it is always calm and safe. It does not come as a surprise to find many people starting their day at some of the other fine beaches of Schinoussa and ending up here.

Tsigouri beach

Tsigouri beach

Idyllic and sandy, with shallow waters, suitable for families with young children and inexperienced swimmers [...]

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